Time in Provence is now over!

Forum des Cardeurs

Our brief stay in Aix has been wonderful and I’ve got a few drawings done. In between drawings we have drunk fine wines, discovered an excellent olive oil, seen Cezanne’s atelier, discovered quite how rude an Avis employee can be, and had some excellent meals. And as a plus I became the mayor of the Cathedral of Saint Saveur, in the mythical land of foursquare geeks…

Some drawings have gone wrong, most notably the attempt at the 12th Century cloisters in the Cathedral Saint Saveur, due to a combination of limited time and bad choice of sitting place, but others have been more rewarding.

Yesterday at the end of the day I made this quick sketch of the Forum des Cardeurs and I was quite pleased with it – the square has an iconic quality to it that fitted well with the simplicity of my drawing; sorry the quality is bad, it’s an iPhone photo. And…pity that while I was drawing, my half open ink bottle drained itself into the box with all my pencils and pens… ho hum!

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