Affordable Art Fair

I finally made it to the Affordable Art Fair, in Battersea Park, with a free shuttle service from Sloane Square tube. I think it’s a great concept, and it’s great to see so much art all in one place, and a further pleasure to see price tags that I think I might be able to afford. I jotted down the names of artists that I found interesting – it’s curious to note what, in the midst of such a wide grouping of works, catches your eye and keeps it. For me, it seems to be beautiful colour balance, an immediacy of touch, so that one can sense the timing of the work, and a freshness of view, so that the subjects are not too mediated, meditated or sophisticated. Anyway, for better or for worse, here’s my list, together with the names of the galleries showing them:
Artists at Affordable Art Fair

Artist. – Gallery
Helen Tabor – Art Amatoria

Samantha Sands-Holmes – Columbia Road Gallery

Addy Gardner – Jenny Blyth Fine Art

Gareth Hugh Davies – Turning Tides ca

Adebanji Alade – Jack Fine Art

Ivan Lapper – Island Fine Arts

Paul Fry – Badcocks Gallery

Peter Monaghan – quantum contemporary art.

James Cowland – recent graduates.






And of course, Mick Kirkbride. I forgot to write his gallery down but he had a fair few pieces there, of which my favourites were some small square vignette type oils:



  1. Thank you for including me in your list. It was a pleasure to be showing with Jenny Blyth Fine Art at the Affordable Art Fair. I’m glad that you enjoyed it and very much like your comments about what makes a painting. These are certainly things I strive to achieve with my work.


    1. Hello Addy, how lovely to get a comment from you! I really enjoyed your work and would love to own one some day. Thanks again for writing! Dan.


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