“Mirador” at Westminster Library

Went to a beautiful little private view last night, in the hidden exhibition space in Westminster Reference Library, right next to Leicester Square. Jason Shuttleworth and Juliette Murphy are showing paintings & drawings there til January the 3rd. A great evening, a some beautiful work on show – I particularly enjoyed Jason’s small pencil sketches, made on site during his climbing trips. More info below:

Jason Shuttleworth Drawings

Westminster Reference Library
35 St Martin’s Street, London, WC2 7HP

The exhibition runs 9 December–3 January inclusive
Opening hours Monday to Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 10am-5pm
Closed Sundays and Bank holiday

from the MIRADOR
[Latin: mirari To look, invites the viewer to share two complementary views of a transient world]

Juliette Murphy (BA Fine Art) explores in her recent work
the contemplation of the journey to the unknown. Her imagery incorporates references to narrratives handed down over time – an ongoing deliberation of presence and absence, existence and loss. Juliette has exhibited extensively in Europe and the USA. Her work was selected for the Stowells Trophy at the Royal Academy and shown at the British Institute Barcelona. Juliette is also a print specialist at the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation in Figueras, Spain. Her work is in many private and public collections

Jason Shuttleworth (BA Fine Art). Jason’s drawings are like haikus, capturing images of snatched, intimate moments, which reflect a world of opposites and remembrance. The work connects with nature, creating a visual diary of remembered places, juxtaposed with revelations of relationships and friendships nurtured over time. Jason has exhibited in a number of exhibitions nationally
The exhibition runs 9 December–3 January inclusive
Opening hours Monday to Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 10am-5pm
Closed Sundays and Bank holidays
This exhibition is curated by Shuttleworth Projects +44 (0)7775 946 216

Judy Gilley’s Private view

Off to Judy Private view and gallery opening this evening – an excellent evening. There are very few photos and they’re not very good because I was so busy chatting to all the NLAN artists, admiring Judy’s work and stuffing my face with the excellent food that kept coming round! It was really inspiring to see how well Judy had converted the front room into a fully fledged gallery space, with excellent lighting as well as a very tidy hanging method. The work was beautifully framed by our favourite Sally Mead and the whole evening was thoroughly charming! Thank you Judy and congratulations! (And who were your caterers! Fantastic food!!).




More Winter painting in High Barnet

Out again in High Barnet painting local scenes. There are always a number of people who come and comment when one paints outdoors and today was no exception: several shoppers, a Japanese student, a local historian and assorted children. I like it. They nearly all offer advice and, what I like most, they often look up at the scene you’re painting with fresh eyes, as if they hadn’t quite noticed it until then. So generally, I find it charming.


Winter painting

The cold weather is back and, in preparation for a painting trip to Snowdonia, I’ve been out sketching in the cold. It certainly makes you paint faster than a lovely summer’s day! I’m planning to walk into the hills in North Wales, so I think I’ll take a thermarest chair, thermos and my tiny tent, so I can stay warm!! This is of a beautiful tree and building off Hadley Green: