An idiosyncratic map of Siena

I wanted to make a map of Siena that could explain how I see it and think of it in my head. If you look at a conventional map of Siena it can be quite complex but for me it is just based round two foci, or main points: the secular power of Piazza del Campo and the religious power of the Cathedral. Everything else is detail and is wonderfully connected by the curving roads that follow the ridges the city is unusually built on. Most cities have a river running through them – Siena is topsy-turvy and has no river – though there are water gathering tunnels carved all the way through the rock underneath the city! (Siena’s underground tunnels).

So here it is:

Dan’s map of Siena

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  1. I love this. Please let me know when a print might be in the offing. Keep em coming, Mr W.. xo


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