Dan Wrightson painting in Torri
Dan Wrightson painting in Torri

My paintings are of buildings and landscapes, in the tradition of the traveling artists of the Grand Tour.  I prefer to work on site, painting mainly in watercolours and in one, swift sitting, often adding notes about the building or the situation to each painting. My works have been exhibited in London, Rome, Naples and Florence, and have been bought in Europe, Australia and the US.

I started painting and drawing houses in Tuscany when I was around 13, to illustrate my mother’s brochure for “Invitation to Tuscany“. I still do these illustrations and paintings – you can see the brochure covers since 1980 here: Invitation to Tuscany Brochure Covers

I also did architectural drawings for historic renovations and eventually went to study architecture at Cambridge University. Now I still paint and sketch the houses we rent at Invitation to Tuscany, and I also run the business.

I was a Rome Scholar at the British School in Rome, have an BA in architecture from Cambridge University and a post-graduate diploma in architecture from Sheffield University.

We experience the city as a continuous flow of buildings but each one carries it own set of stories and each one represents a distinct set of intentions in time – it was conceived, money was raised, architects and builders engaged and hopes were pinned on it. As an ex-architect and an amateur historian these stories resonate for me


  1. Hi Dan,
    We spoke this afternoon about La Libreria in Tuscany for 3/4 weeks in Sept, possibly?
    I look forward to your brochure ~ love your water colours, too!!
    Aidan Jones


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