Tuscany Brochure Covers

I started drawing and painting to illustrate the black and white brochures my mother would produce for her business, Invitation to Tuscany. Some of the early drawings are by my sister, Sally. All the ones after 1989 are mine. When we could finally afford to print in colour I could at least break out the watercolours!

1982 Invitation to Tuscany Brochure
1982 Invitation to Tuscany Brochure – the original drawing of our house, Timignano, is by my sister Sally.
1983 Invitation to Tuscany Brochure
1983:This house was called “La Corunna” below Casole d’Elsa. Also by my sister Sally
1987: We’re missing some years, I’ll try to replace them. This was a drawing of mine of the Ox and Cart that would sometimes give us a lift to school
1988 Invitation to Tuscany Brochure. A sketch of the Fiaschetteria in Montalcino, with my stepfather and Nicola having a drink
1989 – A still life by my sister.
1990. Back to the Oxen – I can’t remember why we had a scarcity of cover worthy pics this year!
1991: The medieval tower of Poggiarello at Stigliano, close to Siena
1993: I think this is a window round the back of Casa Marta at Montestigliano – the house is still on our books!
1994: Lucignano d’Asso, a magical village south of Siena.
1995: The view of Florence from the road near my flat, where I lived while I was at Art School there.
1996: View of Siena from San Francesco, looking over Fonte Branda
1997: Campochiarenti, a beautiful house near San Gimignano.
1998: La Selva – this house was south of Siena and I love it but we only carried it for a year.
1999: Jackie’s house in Monticiano. A little house bursting with charm and character
2000: Another view of Siena, I could draw that city every day and not get bored!
2001: Flavia’s house, just below Barberino val d’Elsa
2002: This is a house near Lucca, in one of the elegant gardens of the many villas that surround the city
2003: This villa was close to Siena, a big old rambling house, redolent with aristocratic memories
2004: Back to Siena – this view is from the aborted expansion project – a whole new area for the city was planned here in the mid-14th century, stopped by the plague.
2005: A village close to Pisa – I can’t remember the name but I remember climbing onto the old tower to get this point of view!
2006: La Valle, in the hills between Lucca and Camaiore – a beautiful property
2007: La Preghiera, a luxurious converted monastery.
2008: Back to the beginnings – I did a new painting of Timignano, the family house
2011: A wider format and a pciture of Castelonchio – a very popular house on Lake Trasimeno
2014: Valdambra, a great place for families with a large pool, south east of Siena.