Artist in Residence at Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro

get link I’m delighted to say I’m to be the artist in residence for the month of April at the beautiful Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro, a boutique hotel south west of Siena, very close to the ruined abbey of San Galgano. I’m hoping to get as much work done as I possibly can – there is certainly enough to paint around the place – fountains, old buildings and great landscapes!

The studio on the lake in the hotel grounds… wow!

Reworking Paintings

A new departure – I’ve started to re-work some of my plein-air pictures, and make them work better. Ultimately, I think these corrections and re-workings will feed back into my immediate work, and make my onsite paintings better. Here’s one of the latest:

IMG_0229Casa Silvia

Visiting the Ile de Re

Sitting in a cafe in La Flotte painting
Sitting in a cafe in La Flotte painting

Back to the Ile de Re in early August, and I managed to get some time to paint – quite a lot of time in fact. I’ll put the paintings up soon, meanwhile here’s a picture of me sitting in a cafe, with my sketchbook on my knees…

Tuscan Bay leaves

leaves I’ m back in Tuscany to visit and draw new houses, and the heat is on – it makes it tricky to sit out in the broiling sunshine! Today the Palio is on in the little village of Casole d’Elsa and I found a quiet corner in the cool of Luciano’s Bar from where I could see a beautiful bay leave hedge out in the gardens on the city walls….

Time in Provence is now over!

Forum des Cardeurs
Forum des Cardeurs

Our brief stay in Aix has been wonderful and I’ve got a few drawings done. In between drawings we have drunk fine wines, discovered an excellent olive oil, seen Cezanne’s atelier, discovered quite how rude an Avis employee can be, and had some excellent meals. And as a plus I became the mayor of the Cathedral of Saint Saveur, in the mythical land of foursquare geeks…

Some drawings have gone wrong, most notably the attempt at the 12th Century cloisters in the Cathedral Saint Saveur, due to a combination of limited time and bad choice of sitting place, but others have been more rewarding.

Yesterday at the end of the day I made this quick sketch of the Forum des Cardeurs and I was quite pleased with it – the square has an iconic quality to it that fitted well with the simplicity of my drawing; sorry the quality is bad, it’s an iPhone photo. And…pity that while I was drawing, my half open ink bottle drained itself into the box with all my pencils and pens… ho hum!

Off to Provence

The baptistery in Aix en Provence
The baptistery in Aix en Provence

I’m off to Provence tomorrow for a few days – so hopefully shall have some new paintings of Aix and the surrounding area when I return. Particularly hoping to get a good drawing of the Baptistery in Aix Cathedral – a 6th century delight that incorporates columns probably re-used from a Roman temple that stood on the site.
I have previously done a quick sketch of it (I’ll post it here) but I’d like to spend some more time there and get a more complete drawing. Dan